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Today is Mar 20, 2019
Mike Parikh
Executive Group Division Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R031995G
Call (+65) 9383 8818
The Premium Alliance of ERA Divisions

ERAHEXA GROUP is the Premium Alliance of ERA Divisions:

  1. Mark Teo - Excellence
  3. Steven Chua - Confident
  4. Davey Tan - Challenger
  5. Alvin Lee - Perfect
  6. Chris Chen - Catalyst
  7. Desmond Ng - Magnificent
  8. Stanley Lim - Action
  9. Lydia Low - Everest
10. Bernard Chia - Dynamic
11. Brian Samtani - Sovereign
12. Richard Ong - Determined
13. Lois Tan - Absolute Division
14. Robin Koh - Creation Division
15. Riza Lee - Ambition Division
16. Bryan Setho - Assets Division

We share 6 core values as follows: 

1. Engaging
2. Collaborating
3. Inspiring
4. Innovating
5. Evolving
6. Achieving

Our common goals is to engage everyone so that all of us can collaborate in our business. In the process we want to inspire one another and innovate our skills to face new challenges. We aim to help everyone improve and evolve so that eventually all of us will achieve what we aspire to.

As your leaders, we will walk the journey with you, and we assure you that it is going to be a very exciting and rewarding one. 

We extend our invitation to you to come forward and walk the journey with us!





Presents Top 50 Achievers

1st Quarter 2016

Wonderful Division

Top 50 Achievers October 2016 
ERA HexaGroup

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