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Today is Nov 28, 2020
Mike Parikh
Executive Group Division Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R031995G
Call (+65) 9383 8818


Expert Realtor

Training@SLF Building - 510 Thomson Rd Singapore 298135

The top 1% of sale people utilise precise, highly structured sales processes which are immune to policy changes such as ABSD and TDSR....

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ACCELERATE your performance. This 4-day intensive course is designed to equip you with the critical business system required to face today's challenging market... 

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Round out your professional skills! Apart from marking profits, a strong profile, which will assit you with sales and recruiment, is just as important for agents.

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Learn how to secure an exclusive listing. Our 3-day programme cover the following:
  • Securing exclusives under 10 mins
  • Acquiring exclusive listings at a minimum fee of 2%
  • Simple to learn yet powerful closing techniques
  • Prescribed steps and templates to secure exclusives
  • Step to objection handling to make sellers say YES

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SaleROCKSTAR This comprehensive skill based workshop will equip you with the fundamental skills to take your sales performance to ROCKSTAR levels. 

After this course, you will master the following skills:

  •         Science of Buying
  •        Sleight of Mouth Techniques
  •        Strategic Inbound Marketing
  •         Four Rockstar Referral Business Systems
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Leadership Development Program (LDP) will equip associates with the requisite skills for building and leading a team. One of the most established course in ERA, LDP has benefitted over 2,000 participants for more than 13 years. Participants can expect to be physically and mentally challenged as our trainers groom you to take on leadership roles.

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